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Is It Worth Exploring A Fractional CMO For Your Company?

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief marketing officers are in high demand, but not all companies can afford the cost of hiring a full-time CMO. A fractional chief marketing officer (CMO) is an affordable way to access the high-level strategy your business needs without breaking the bank. A fractional CMO will take on only part of your company’s marketing and focus on areas that are a top priority for you right now. This gives you full access to their expertise without having them work exclusively for one organization.

What is a Fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO is a part-time, on-demand resource who works with your in-house marketing team or brings on a marketing team as needed. The fractional CMO is not a full-time employee of your company (they may or may not work at your office). Their role is to help execute projects that you need help with on an ongoing basis but don’t have the capacity to do yourself. They aren’t expected to attend every meeting and provide input on everything that happens in the company; instead, they are there when you need them most: during key project planning sessions; during periods of high demand from internal clients; or when you want another set of eyes looking at something that has been on your mind for some time.

Why Hire a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer?

If you’re looking to hire a fractional Chief Marketing Officer, know that they can help your business in many ways, But it’s important to discuss your situation with them to see if they are a good fit for your organization. Also know, a fractional CMO is not a Marketing Agency. Yes, some Agencies will have fractional CMOs as a service, but an Agency will provide marketing tactics that are directed to them. Google Ads, Website Design, Graphic Design, etc., are examples of what a marketing agency will bring to the table, whereas a CMO will create strategies to use the tactics effectively and then set up tracking mechanisms to show if the tactics work and which are falling short. A CMO knows the right questions to ask the agency, so you are not fooled into overspending on a project and thinking something is working when it’s clearly not.

A fractional CMO won’t have all of the responsibilities of being a full-time employee; rather than having them work 40+ hours per week, they will only be responsible for certain aspects of the job. This allows the fractional CMO to spend less time working at one location as they are able to manage multiple clients at once. This allows companies like yours who don’t need or want full-time employees but still want someone who’s already an expert in their field!

If you’re not sure where to start with your marketing, or if you have questions about how a fractional CMO could help your organization, schedule a consultation today. We’d love to chat with you about how we can help.

Who Should Hire a Fractional CMO?

Hire A CMO

As you can see, there are many scenarios where hiring a fractional CMO makes sense. I’m sure you’re still wondering if it’s the right move for you. If so, let me help you figure that out!

First, consider whether your business needs an extra level of expertise in marketing or public relations. A fractional CMO can help with these things because they have high-level knowledge, experience, and connections to get the job done—but they won’t need to spend as much time on them as their full-time counterparts do. If this sounds like what your company needs right now, then hiring one could be a smart choice.

Second, think about how much time it would take for someone else on staff (or even another contractor) to work alongside me so that we can both get everything done without sacrificing efficiency or quality control along the way. The answer should help determine whether hiring an additional person would make sense for your company at this point in time: If yes—do it; if no—consider other options, such as using an automated tool or simply continuing without any new hires at all.

What Does a Fractional CMO Do and How Do They Benefit You?

A fractional CMO is an expert in marketing strategy. A fractional CMO applies the same skills to your business as they would to their own: they know how to grow it and ensure it achieves its full potential. They take the time to understand your goals, vision, and long-term plan for growth so that they can help you achieve them.

A fractional CMO should be seen as part of a team because their role isn’t limited to just advising on marketing activity; rather, they will work closely with you throughout every step of the way—from initial planning through execution—to ensure that all aspects of your strategy are aligned and working together as efficiently as possible. This includes everything from analyzing data and identifying new opportunities for growth through developing new programs or campaigns until after these initiatives have been launched (and beyond).

How to Know You Are Ready to Hire a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

You are ready to hire a fractional CMO if you have a clear marketing strategy and you are ready to implement it or if you need someone to help you create a marketing strategy. Too often, we see companies listening to agencies on what is needed to grow their business. They rely on the agency’s tactics instead of relying on a strategy that holds the agency accountable with checks and balances. This is one of the many benefits of using a fractional CMO. Maybe you need more time to focus on other aspects of running your business. This can be an important reason to have someone like a factional CMO to take on the marketing role in your organization.

Core Skills of Successful CMOs

From our experience, the core skills of a successful CMO are as follows:

  • Experience in digital marketing
  • Experience in marketing strategy
  • Experience in marketing operations
  • Experience in marketing analytics (i.e., data)
  • Experience in marketing technology (i.e., platforms, systems, and software)
  • Experience in marketing communications (i.e., advertising)
  • Creative skillset
  • Experienced in running a business 
  • P&L experience

A fractional chief marketing officer can be an affordable way to add the high-level marketing strategy your business needs.

In the end, a fractional chief marketing officer can be an affordable way to add the high-level marketing strategy your business needs. They can help you navigate the complexities of digital marketing and give you access to a wealth of knowledge about how to attract new customers, drive traffic to your website, and use an Omni channel approach to grow your business.

If this type of arrangement sounds good, you’re ready to take your business’s marketing strategy to the next level. Reach out today to discuss your marketing strategy with a no-obligation consultation.

Five signs your company needs a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)


It’s time for your company to get serious about marketing. No more leaving it to the last minute. When it’s time for a sale, you need a strategy involving all facets of your business, and a CMO might just be the team member who is best equipped for this position. A CMO is a person who makes sure your company has a cohesive and strategic marketing plan in place. They ensure you’re reaching your target audience effectively and what methods are most effective for reaching your target market.

 A CMO will also help you figure out what kind of message resonates with people and how to improve upon it over time. A CMO will help you develop an effective marketing strategy for your company. They’ll also ensure that each department is working together on a cohesive plan that’s as effective as possible. If you’re looking to grow your business and want to be sure you’re doing it right, then having a CMO is important. Here are five signs you should consider a fractional CMO for your marketing:

1)  Your sales team is creating and doing most of the marketing.

If your sales team is creating and doing most of the marketing, this means they’re focusing on their own goals instead of yours. This will lead to much wasted time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere. Having a CMO can help keep everyone on task with what needs to happen next for your business to grow. 

2) You’re relying on outside salespeople to market your company. 

This can be not only a huge waste of money but a call for concern as most outside agencies don’t understand, nor do they want to understand what you need. They want to sell you what they have. A fractional CMO is perfect for getting your marketing strategy in order and will help you save money in the long run. 

 3) Your company needs a fresh outlook on the marketing landscape. 

A fractional CMO can help you with this. They’ll be able to see what’s new in the industry and what will work best for your business by putting together the right strategy for your business goals. Unlike an agency, a fractional CMO will align with your overall brand vision, mission, and values. 

 4) Past marketing strategies have failed. 

You’re not alone if you’ve tried using different marketing strategies in the past and they didn’t work. It can be frustrating when you feel like all your efforts are for naught. A fractional CMO can help you figure out what went wrong, why it didn’t work, and how to fix it so that future strategies will be more effective.

5) You jump from marketing tactic to tactic, not fully understanding what’s working and what’s not. 

From setting up the proper KPIs to getting the right teams in place, a fractional CMO can help you better understand what’s working, what’s not, and, more importantly, why. They will use their years of experience and connections to help you develop a marketing strategy that works for your business. 

 When growing a business, the last thing you need is to spend more time researching what is needed to market your company. You’re busy running the day-to-day operations of your business, so it’s hard for you to focus on improving your marketing. That’s where a fractional CMO comes in. 

Want to discuss your marketing and how a Fractional CMO can help you and your business grow? At Action CMO, our experienced CMOs can bring the much-needed changes and guidance your business needs to succeed. We recommend doing your research to determine what your business needs are, determine if your marketing is effective and if you need marketing leadership.

If you want to learn more about how our fractional CMO service can help your business, contact us today for a free consultation.

How Bringing In A Fractional CMO Helps A Growing Company


If you are in a growth phase at your company, it is important to bring on a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). What exactly is the role of a CMO? How does one help a growing company? And what are the benefits of bringing on such an executive at this stage?

The answer: A CMO helps align all marketing efforts toward one objective: increasing sales. They also help with brand development, advertising, and messaging for external and internal audiences. The goal is to create an overall strategy that works for all parts of the business so that everyone, from product managers to salespeople, understands how they can contribute their specific skill set toward making money. What makes having someone like this person so valuable at this phase, as opposed to any other time during your company’s lifespan, is that you are scaling up quickly. Hence, there needs to be someone who understands where everything fits into place within each departmental structure. A CMO will bring a fresh perspective and focus to your company. They will help guide you through the best strategies for growth, as well as measure their impact objectively.

A Fractional CMO and Fresh Perspectives

Your company may have been doing well, but that could change instantly. If you are not bringing in fresh ideas and perspectives, your business will be stuck in the same place it is right now. A CMO will help you grow your business by providing new ideas, connecting with potential customers, increasing sales, and getting more people to work for your company.

Developing A Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan that describes the overall direction of your marketing program. It includes your goals and objectives, budget, resources, and tactical plans for each product or service. A well-defined marketing strategy will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts and make changes as needed. This ensures that you are always heading in the right direction toward achieving your company’s vision.The marketing mix comprises a collection of promotional tools you use to get customers’ attention and persuade them to buy from you instead of your competitors. These include:

Branding – Your unique identity as it is expressed through products or services offered; how customers perceive what they are buying from you (or not buying).Advertising – Information about a product/service conveyed through any media channel—including TV commercials, billboards, magazines ads, etc.—to inform potential customers about what is available on the market so they can make informed purchase decisions about whether or not something fits their needs/wants before making purchases themselves.

Implementation, Execution, And Analytics

This is where you need to decide what is most important and focus your resources on the top 10 things that will drive growth. What are those? They could be product development, branding, marketing channels, or sales strategy. The key is focusing on what works and why it does—and then doubling down on those efforts.How do you know which efforts are paying off? You can use analytics tools to track user behavior across different channels, such as web traffic or app downloads. This will give you an idea of how many people are coming through each channel so that you can effectively allocate resources based on ROI data rather than guesswork (or, worse yet—opinions).Implementing data analytics into your marketing means you can improve the way your business runs and better optimize its performance. Data analytics have the ability to help a business reduce costs by identifying more efficient ways of doing business and by storing large amounts of data for future reference. It is critical that a CMO understands data and can identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth while being financially prudent. 

Advantage For Growth

Inserting the Fractional CMO role at any point in the growth of a company can help give you an advantage.

The benefits of having a fractional CMO are numerous, but they do not come without their own challenges. If you are considering hiring a CMO for your company, here are some tips to help you along the way.Using an agency or freelancer can be advantageous in certain situations. Still, if you are looking for someone who will work with you on building marketing strategies and campaigns, it is best to find someone who will focus on your brand building. Too often, companies think an agency will take on the role of a CMO. That can be a bad assumption as most agencies use salespeople to bridge the gap with companies. The issue is that they only sell you what they have, not what you need. When searching for a CMO candidate, look at their previous experience and how it relates to where your business is currently and where it might go in the future. Also, does the CMO have experience in running a business? Do they understand the numbers and data needed to be a successful entrepreneur? Do they have the passion and drive for your industry?  Too often, we see marketers talk about web promoter scores, brand and social metrics as success tools. This is merely fluff. A CMO can explain the data and answer financial questions on how this affects the bottom line. A CMO needs to show the impact of the work and defend the budgets. I hope this article has helped you understand the value of bringing a Fractional CMO into your company. As we have seen, their role is important not only for large companies but also for small businesses that are looking to grow quickly and effectively with their marketing strategies. If you want more information on hiring a Fractional CMO and discussing your marketing strategy, contact us by making an appointment at