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A fractional CMO is a marketing professional who operates as an outsourced consultant, working part-time or on an as-needed basis with multiple companies. A Fractional CMO has a short-term, specific project or goal to work on, and they do not replace the company’s full-time in-house marketing staff.

Usually, a Fractional CMO role is someone with at least ten years of experience in Marketing management and who has held the title of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or an Agency owner at least once before.

The Fractional CMO is brought into the team to address a specific assignment, such as developing a marketing strategy and plan, building a new website, launching a new service, expanding internationally, or rebranding.

Fractional CMOs should be well-versed in all aspects of marketing, including offline and online. They should know your industry and have experience managing several solutions at once. In the end, they need the ability to help with marketing projects that require expertise in orchestrating projects and providing strategic insight, best practices, and personal experience.

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It all started with a simple philosophy- business owners learn best from other business owners. We believe in the power of peer consulting and marketing advisory groups. This idea started with our founder who in 1991, joined a business peer group to help get answers in the early stage of building out his company. Although the company was doing well he found himself struggling with growth issues, no one to talk to, and constantly reinventing the wheel. His positive experience in that peer group created his desire to form Action CMO Marketing / Business Peer Groups.